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Polina Gerdikova is an architect, designer and artist. She had 22 individual paintings exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. Her last exhibitions “THE LIGHT – A METAPHOR OF THE SPIRIT’’, dedicated to International Year of Light of UNESCO, were shown under the patronage of UNESCO at the COUNCIL OF EUROPE / Strasbourg, (03.03.2016) ; at the State Cultural Institute of MFA ; at BCI London (17.03.2017). .Their common concept reflects the view of the artist, that the Light is an eternal image of THE ONE SINGLE CONSCIOUSNESS, what created everything according to the modern physics, the Christianity, the ancient religions. That's why symbolic interpretations of the Light present in all history - from the archaeological artifacts, through the Sacred geometry to the theories of science and philosophy. .Polina created the LOGO of the Bulgarian Chairmanship of the Council of Europe (2016). Her paintings are in private and diplomatic collections in Japan, USA, SA, France, Russia, Israel, Argentina, Tunis, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, India, China, Netherlands and Bulgaria. .The paintings in this exhibition in BCI London are devoted to the LIGHT and to the continuity of the LIGHT SYMBOLS through the centuries - from the Neolithic culture of the Great Mother, the Black Sea civilization 6000 BC, the Thracian and the Christian civilizations, up untill now......"I am convinced that the mission of the art is RE-LIGIO – Religio according to the modern interpretation means recreating the bond between Man and Divine, recalling cherished our mission Hear-Now, the feeling of oneness with the other people, oneness with the Universe-Light..Our whole sacred heritage is illuminated by IT - because in the spiritual space of mankind the different religions are just different languages of Light and its interpretations through the ages!.The basis of many of my paintings is a Sign, that in mathematics is called a clothoid, and in semiotics - spiral ornament.The Swirling fluid S is a symbol of the most defining characteristic of the world we live in - from the macrocosm to the microcosm. In the contemporary science it is accepted that the matter exists in two major forms: substance and field (light). On the other hand modern researchers believe that the Neolithic people identified these two forms of the Existing world as The Great Mother Goddess – in Oneness, but with two manifestations: Material and Light. They both are expressed by two mirror-inverted sign S, used alone, linked by a meander or covering entire surface. These images are present in many artifacts of civilizations in Bulgarian lands and all over the world..The Light and its emblems in the world of forms are present in my paintings also as a metaphor of the spiritual experiences, which are an aspect of civilization from ancient times up till now. I am sure that everyone of us has had a special feeling lookoing at a sunset or a dawn, or at a starry sky, or at the renditions of the light on the sea waves or on the strings of rain. History has a lot of examples which show how in a state of Enlightenment human psyche perceived the Universe as a living stream of Light, in which everything is connected to everythind else - a Light world, which is a living organism. It is believed that such an experience was in the base of the Neolithic worldview and has inspired the founders of all religions - Moses, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha (who saws during his meditations that at the base of the Universe are small waves, constantly emerging and declining). This is consistent with the concepts of modern physics. The other symbols like Vesica Piscis, rhombus ,etc. connect ancient beliefs and the theory of Creation..The geometry of Light has inspired two Bulgarian philosophers to create two other symbols - the Module figure of Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher, which is the basis of the Bulgarian Glagolic alphabet(855 AC) - and the Oval cross of Boyan the Magician (930 AC) and his followers - the Bogomils - who first formulated the motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - through Love"!.And all of us Here-Now can share both the enlightened states of our ancestors and the insights of the modern scientists – we can all share the Light!”

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