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Born in 1990 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He grew up in a Christian single-family home, surrounded by friends. From an early age he showed comprehensive development and talent in the field of arts. He graduated with a degree in Management in 2008. He moved to another city, where he studied "Medicine" at the Thracian University. He began to engage in science and publishing scientific articles in the country and abroad. He is perfecting his language skills, and in the summer he has to work to pay for his education. He discovered his love of neurology and began to prepare from the student bench. He graduated in 2014 and began specializing at the University Hospital. At the same time he continued his education with a doctorate and become a teacher in the University. Already independent he started to travel around the world, which enriching his life experience. Acquired a specialty in "Neurological Diseases" in 2020 and additional qualifications in the field of Epilepsy, EEG, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and Stroke. He began working as a researcher in clinical trials for world-renowned companies. During the pandemic, actively participated in the fight against it. This helped him rediscover art as a way to take a break from heavy duty and he started painting again. He also decided to continue his education in the field of management at the Medical University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2021. In 2022 he successfully obtained a scientific degree ,,PhD". He describes himself as a neurologist, author, teacher and artist and he believes that art will save the world.

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