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I am Krasimira Mladenova


I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1966. Since I was a kid I loved painting pictures. In 1996 I have become a professional painter. Before that I developed my skills in applied arts, jewelry with metals and resins, pearls, semiprecious stones, souvenir toys and traditional folklore dolls. Since 1996 I’m a modern art designer. My abstract work is full of bright colors and unusual textures. I love to express my imagination working with metals, metal folio, and metal sheets. My style of work includes applying layers of colors and textures that creates complicated complex expressions.

The techniques I use are very wide ranging: realism, impression, abstraction and modernism.

The materials I work with are oil, acrylic and acrylic pastes and gels, aluminum, glass paint, silk, dry pastels, watercolors and more. The basis, on which I work is linen and cotton canvas, hardboard, wood, glass, silk and handmade paper.

My works are landscapes, portraits, animals, flowers, still life, and abstractions.

I have been presented few times in France and Czech Republic.

My paintings and metal plastics have been sold in USA, Greece, Italy, Romania, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Japan, etc.

You can contact me on:

Cell Phone: +359888 836617

+359878 315918

e-mail: artmladenova@abv.bg


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